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Thursday, October 23

Cadolle - Bustiers & Corsets

Numero Magazine. model: Hilary Rhoda by David Vasiljevic
above: Jeanloup SieffHorst P. Horst "Mainbocher Corset"

Wearing a corset is perhaps the easiest way to add va-va-voom to a lingerie ensemble. It's also the easiest way to hide a less-than-perfect figure! For those of you who want the creme de la creme of the corset world, you go to Cadolle. Cadolle is a world-famous corset maker based in Paris. This family-owned company has been creating corsets/bustiers/lingerie in their workshops since 1889!
Basically Cadolle is to corsets what Louis Vuitton is to luggage. That is why we are so excited to represent the brand at our boutique! We just received our favorite shapes; the Under-Bust Corset and the Waist-Cincher. Personally, the Under-Bust corset is just the sexiest piece we've seen (it's pictured below with a Simone Perele 'Avant Premiere' bra and boyshort)!

3 fabulous comments:

Miriam Parkman said...

Oh I love that black and blue set!
With a bullet bra and all.
I really like that the blue theme is on the stockings as well! Not just black lace or a frilly garter.

I love the feeling of wearing a corset... Everyone thinks that it's just pain, but I think it's rather comfortable. And, I guess I have a special fascination for the waist;)

I like this blog! It will be nice to share some nerdy lingerie-thoughts;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that picture made by Jeanloup Sieff. So beautiful, I would definetly want to wear that!

Love, Betsy.

Unknown said...

You are right the Cadolle Waist-Cincher is really awsome. I love it.