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Friday, September 25

Frou Frou Fridays

Sarah from La Jeune Marie

Today marks the final installment of our Frou-Frou Fridays series at La Jeune Marie. This week's theme is Anniversary Lingerie, which means we selected pieces that are dramatic and dazzling.
Thank you to Sarah for providing us with this very fun opportunity! We also hope our readers have been enjoying Sarah's boudoir photos; she perfectly demonstrates how boudoir photos do not have to be overdone and tacky (unless you want that!), but instead can be elegant and tasteful. We hope this inspires you to get one done as a treat to yourself (and your special someone)!

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2 fabulous comments:

Duchess of Tea said...

It was fun watching it unfold. Your blog is always fun, classy and yet sexy. Darlings, have a lovely weekend.

Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

sexyig pictures...:D