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Monday, August 4

Rosamosario on the Runway

Rosamosario took part in a runway show in Rome as a contender for the 'Who Is On Next' fashion award. The show, organized in part by Vogue Italy, featured young talent emerging in the fashion world. Though the brand did not take home the top honors, it certainly was in good company, and did get selected as a finalist among 300 candidates!
We enjoyed this quote as reported by Fashion Wire Daily:
Rosamosario, an eccentrically edgy lingerie line whose theme was wearing underwear on the outside, because as its designer Carlotta Danti explained, “Italians do not like to hide things. They don’t buy a Lamborghini to put it in the garage, but to drive to St Tropez and meet a beautiful girl.”

3 fabulous comments:

Pratishtha Durga said...

Oh, you'd be SO proud of me. I shopped like mad this Sunday, and ALL lingerie. And I coined a great line too. "Great Lingerie is better than foreplay." Well, it sort of sounds good to me. Husband sat quiet and with his mouth hanging open as I gave him a sneak preview. The cuties have been bought for our short trip to Goa for his birthday. Will keep you posted :P

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

pratishtha - you need to show what you bought on your blog! we can't wait to hear the update! ;-)

colette rose said...

oooohhhh these are delicious !