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Wednesday, August 13

Myla in the Press (Their Own!)

Lydia Hearst, as seen in the Fall 2008 Myla ad campaigns
Recently we've been featuring some of our favorite lingerie designers, as seen in the press. When doing a bit of research for British lingerie label Myla, we realized that their promo pictures were better than anything we had seen in the magazines. In fact, most of the press that Myla received used photos from their promo catalogue. That is most likely due to the fact that 'celebutante' heiress Lydia Hearst was used for their most recent catalogue campaign.
Basically, the whole point of us sharing our favorite images in the press is to show lingerie in its most high-fashion, stylish setting. As you can see, Myla does that quite well!
(For Myla items at Faire Frou Frou, click here).

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