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Thursday, August 14

Lingerie Exhibit in St. Gallen (Switzerland)

above: corsets from the end of the 19th-C to the beginning of the 20th-C.
above: a Chantelle bra & an Aubade braIntimate apparel in the movies & in the media
Too bad we aren't traveling to Switzerland anytime soon, otherwise we would love to visit the "Secrets" lingerie exhibit at the St. Gallen Textile Museum. The city of St. Gallen is famous for being home to some of the most luxurious textiles manufacturers in the world!
The show (running now thru December 30, 2008) presents a broad selection of lingerie through the ages, as well as the evolution of textiles & embroideries used in creating lingerie.
Based on the images we've seen, this exhibit appears to be the ultimate historical lesson in lingerie. There are plenty of vintage photographs as well as vintage corsets, panties, bras, etc. There's even a section devoted to displaying how various ready-to-wear designers have been inspired by the look of lingerie.
For more details about the show, visit the exhibit's website! Let us know if you've gone, or will attend!
(Thank you to the Best of Intima for originally sharing this story with us!).

2 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

Going from Sweden to St Gallen on monday to see this exibition!
Will post a comment again when I get back, soo excited! :)

madeleine said...

a very late reply, but i LOVED it.
unfortunatly the fashion library was closed during my stay in switzerland, but so worth the visit!