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Friday, August 29

Pin-Up Girls by Enoch Bolles

Being a fan of pin-up art (for those adorable vintage outfits and the fresh girl next-door portraits) , we're pretty surprised that we didn't know of the artist Enoch Bolles. Actually, we've seen his work, and even posted it on this site, but just assumed it was early Vargas artwork
Bolles (1883-1976) was an Art Deco pin-up artist who illustrated for countless advertisements and magazine covers.
Most of his work includes a model wearing either lingerie or swimwear, so it was hard to narrow down which pictures to include in this post! He seems to feature lingerie much more often than the revered pin-up artist Gil Elvgren.
(Thanks to reader Jagress for the tip!).

9 fabulous comments:

The Lingerie Diva said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing this artist's pinup work.

Lulu LeBlance said...

Frou frou that was a fantastic find, vraiment extraordinaire, we love Enoch and all the wonderful happenings at your Lux Lingerie blog - Merci! Viva Pin-up, alas where would we be without them :)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

thank you ladies! we are happy to share!

AnastasiaC said...

gorgeous! i love these vintage illustrations - just stunning!

Jack R said...

I'm writing a book on Bolles so keep your eye out!

Jack R said...

I've got a Bolles blog up with some unique images. Check it out here at:

Jerry Lee said...

Magnifique !
Great fan of Enoch Bolles artwork.

Lingerie said...

Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics... nice job keep it up !!!

Natalie said...

I really enjoyed all the pin up art. Is there any chance you can post more?