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Tuesday, June 8

Lingerie & Photography; Alisa Connan

Stella McCartney "Lauren Whistling" lingerie set

all images via Photographer: Alisa Connan

We've actually posted Alisa Connan's photography on our blog before (for a spread she shot for Esquire UK) and today we wanted to share a few more lingerie images from her portfolio. It appears that Connan specializes in photographs of women, with a nice little niche selection of lingerie images. As you can see, her images are sensual but quite refined.
To learn a bit more about the woman behind the lens, click here.

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9 fabulous comments:

FrenchBlue said...

Beautiful & sexy over looks more amazing everytime I visit:)

Iryna said...

I love love Stella McCartney's "Lauren Whistling" lingerie set!!! sweet provacative sexuality. Need to get me the set as soon as possible! Great pictures!

Susan said...

so beautiful!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


Love lingeries and beautiful photos by you,my dear Frou Frou Fashionista!!!

Wish you a very lovely rest of the week,darling:-)*

Love and hugs,


Oh these photos, especially the ones of Rosie, are gorgeous!

And thx for letting me know about that photo. I absolutely adore it and will credit it to your site :)

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Ligeia said...

I Love Rose!!! (the model)
fantastic pieces


Vivian said...

It is hard to focus on the outfits with that young lady in them.

Jackson said...

I love this blog. Exiting and simple...

Jackson said... sexy girls. I like them