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Thursday, September 18

sheandme: Sexy Comfort

It's time for you to sit back, relax, and slip into something comfortable. That 'something comfortable' does not have to be an old concert t-shirt with a mismatched pair of flannel pants (we have all been guilty of this at one point or another, right?). We would like to suggest that you slip into something that embodies "sexy comfort", which is the trademark of loungewear label sheandme.
sheandme is a Los Angeles-based company that creates basic pieces such as lounge pants, robes, camisoles, etc. and adds its own sophisticated touch. All of their items are made from an ultra-soft modal, and most items have a contrasting silk charmeuse trim. For those of you not familiar with how modal feels, it's like a silky, slinky cotton.
We just received a lovely collection for Fall; all in navy blue with pale pink trim (styles shown below).
Next time you're lounging about at home, and an unexpected visitor stops by, we just hope you're wearing sheandme!

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