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Tuesday, September 16

Guia la Bruna - New Fall Collection

We present yet another collection we are proud to present for Fall - Guia la Bruna.
Guia la Bruna (her first name is pronounced 'gwee-uh') is a luxurious Italian lingerie designer and label that is known for dazzling trims, original patterns/colors, and fine craftsmanship.
We are introducing 3 new groups for Fall; Lolita's Soul, Touch of Gold, and Fille a Papa. Each group is quite unique from the other, though they all share a romantic, feminine touch. We have already had a great response to Lolita's Soul (our fave), and we are loving the sequin detailing on the Touch of Gold pieces!!
The new pieces are now available both in-store (Studio City, CA) and online.

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