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Sunday, March 2

Strumpet & Pink - on its way to Faire Frou Frou!!

We discovered (and fell in love with) Strumpet & Pink 5-years ago when we were first researching brands that would be stocked at Faire Frou Frou. We have loved this brand for a long time, and we are incredibly excited to share the news that a new Strumpet & Pink collection is on its way to our store (and our online store too!).
If you are not familiar with this line, Strumpet & Pink is a whimsical British label created by Lisa Morgan and Melanie Probert. They specialize in hand-made knickers that are decadent, ornate and certainly created for a special occasion. Their creations are so high-fashion and gorgeous, you almost want to own them purely as a display item!
Each panty has a unique name and design, and included are a few images of our favorite pieces! We gave the designers free reign to create special items for Faire Frou Frou, so we will keep you posted when the new collection arrives in a few weeks!
In the meantime, if you see any pieces that you wish to special order, we can certainly facilitate that for you. You can pretty much do any style in any color, just ask! These panties are truly made-to-order, and are like little pieces of art. This is what high-fashion lingerie is all about! Please email us with your inquiries at

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