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Thursday, March 13

If You Love Vannina Vesperini (Like We Do), Keep Reading!

We are excited to announce that most of our Vannina Vesperini collections are available for purchase online at fairefroufrou.com!! This is great news for those of you who adore the brand, since it's particularly hard to find online. This very specialized brand is one of the top designers we carry (amongst Carine Gilson, ID Sarrieri, Damaris...), and the new Spring 2008 collection has been selling quite well in the short time we've had it.
The new collections being featured are the Intemporels group (also known as the 'classics' group), Harmonie, Illusion, and Fleur de Geisha.
All of the bras are not only beautifully designed, but they're practical in that they can be worn under form-fitting clothing. The designs truly are classic.
Each bra has a coordinating tanga (thong) and/or silk short.
We are loving the Intemporels Silk Tunic - these make great outerwear pieces. Just layer over a pair of tights, and throw on a pair of boots or flats, and you're good to go for a night out!
Speaking of layering, check out the Harmonie Halter Bra - this is a great piece to wear underneath a suit jacket, and show off that amazing lace detail!
All of the color-schemes work wonderfully, and we're particularly fond of the new Ultraviolet color (available in the Intemporels Bra & Tanga).
Take a look at what's new from Vannina Vesperini, and start shopping!

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Anonymous said...

You have the best windows! Of all the boutiques I visit, I always wish they did their windows more like yours. My husband has gotten so used to my comments when we visit a boutique that now he says, "I know, I know, they should be more like Faire Frou Frou's." ;)

Happy Spring!


-Gayvin (aka: Eve)