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Monday, January 14

So Pretty! But Whose Is It?

We were looking through some old Patrick Demarchelier images and found this amazing picture of Gemma Ward wearing the most fabulous robe!!!!
This picture is from VOGUE China from February 2005 (Shaghai Diary editorial)...but we can't figure who made the robe.
It's so luxurious, and from what we can see it's made from soft silk chiffon with a gold lame flower detail. The best part is the gorgeous marabou (we think) trim along the cuffs, hem and collar (and we love the collar!).
If anyone has any ideas of who made it, we're happy to hear suggestions. From the looks of the tiny print on the photo, we think it might be John Galliano, but then again that could be for the shoes or accessories.
In the meantime, we insist that one of our lingerie manufacturers make something like this. Please keep us posted if you have any suggestions!

2 fabulous comments:

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Ohh frou frou!! this is one divine pic - very very patrick

tho I cant place the robe.

if I see it in a china vogue here I'll ask someone who speaks chinese for you and get back to you:-)

Mandolina said...

Oh so decadent -- my goodness!