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Wednesday, January 9

Intimate Apparel Business - Cover Story Features FFF

One of our favorite lingerie trade publications, Intimate Apparel Business Magazine, included Faire Frou Frou in its cover story "Beauty and the Beach".
The article talks about lingerie boutiques that have become lifestyle boutiques; stores that have inventory that cover multiple aspects of one's lifestyle such as lingerie, outerwear, beachwear, jewelry, accessories, gifts, etc.
We mention how we will be bringing swimwear back into our boutique this Spring since so many of our favorite lingerie designers are crossing over into that area. We also discuss how we have a substantial gift business, and therefore we want to offer a selection of products that aren't size-related. As it relates to gift-giving, either customers don't know the size they are looking for or they don't want to offend with buying sizes that are too large. Our solution to that problem is offering beautiful jewelry from designers such as Sydney Evan, Safia and our own gorgeous rose-cut diamond bangles. Also, we sell a selection of fun accessories from Booty Parlor and yummy fragrances from kai.
Check out the magazine - it's a great read for everyone in the lingerie industry!

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Tiffany Maldonado said...

Good to know. I guess I would agree that lingerie can contribute to your lifestyle. After all, a woman who wears sexy lingerie every day must mean that a nice little personal life is happening at home.
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danae said...

Congratulations Alison, that's brilliant!

Tess said...

Nice designs of intimates apparel!! Like it!!