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Monday, December 24

A Personal Christmas Post

We are huge fans of the design blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, and recently entered their Christmas competition...and we Won!
Just to get everyone up-to-speed, Absolutely Beautiful Things is a blog hosted by interior designer and Black & Spiro boutique owner Anna Spiro (we have posted about her blog before!). Anna came up with the idea of hosting a Christmas competition in which anyone could submit pictures and a short story detailing what Christmas means to them. Some people posted pictures of the holiday festivities in their home town, some people submitted pictures of loved-ones, and many entered pictures of their homes and Christmas decorations.
My mom and I took pictures of our house just after we finished decorating for Christmas, and the next day sent the photos over to Anna (who is based in Brisbane, Australia). For the month of December readers voted on their favorite entries, and before long we were finalists, and just today we learned that we won!
Take a look at our entry, as well as the other pretty entries that were submitted as well! We were certainly in some great company.
Thank you so much to our friends, family, customers and supporters who voted!!!

3 fabulous comments:

blah said...

Dear Frou Frou - Congratulations!!

Your entry definitely had the most heart :-)

Your home is beautiful!! You'll have to post on which cushion you choose as your prize :-
Take care and hope that your beautiful home was enjoyed by many guests:-)!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas & congratulations! Your home is stunning and inspiring! I love the festive atmosphere that was created, from the look of it, to the scents and songs that filled the air. Have a great New Year!

Anonymous said...


so good to see you're getting all the recognition you deserve, cheers!