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Friday, December 7

Oh My Goodness - We Are in LOVE!!!

Just this week we received an amazingly fun collection from British lingerie label Mint Siren. Mint Siren is a burlesque-inspired brand that is all about girly details, and is both extremely feminine and perhaps a bit edgy. It can best be described as Fifi Chachnil meets Dita von Teese style.
Faire Frou Frou is the FIRST and ONLY BOUTIQUE IN THE USA to represent this brand (we know other boutiques will snatch it up too after reading this!)!!! What an honor to introduce the states to this amazing label.
Mint Siren is the creation of designer Josefine Wing (a bit of a burlesque gal herself). Her philosophy is to create flattering, sensual clothing with a retro flavor for the modern woman. Her brand is described as being "lavish and provocative; designed for ladies with a passion for extravagance. It's about having fun with your femininity".
Every piece in our shipment is swoon-worthy, and we have posted pictures for you to love as well. You can now buy any of these items online at Faire Frou Frou.
If you see anything in this post that you love, and that is not on Faire Frou Frou's website, just let us know and we can inquire about special orders.
It's time to play dress-up - get your Mint Siren today!

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