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Saturday, June 2

Meet the "I.D." of I.D. Sarrieri

It was such a pleasure to meet the face behind one of our favorite brands, I.D. Sarrieri.
It turns out that the I.D. stands for the designer's name which is Iulia Dobrin. We were so surprised that this young woman was the mastermind behind such an incredibly large just 5 years she has made I.D. Sarrieri an international sensation!
Attached are a few images from her Spring/Summer 2007 collection which we just LOVE! Almost every piece we purchased for Faire Frou Frou has beautiful Chantilly lace and silk. The green & black set shown comes in a variety of lovely colors such as a blush pink, ivory and a very subtle gold. One of our favorite pieces is the nude/gold Chantilly lace bodysuit with Swarovski crystals...we also ordered the chemise and bra/panty sets in that group which are equally amazing.
Also shown is a photograph of Iulia Dobrin with one of Faire Frou Frou's owners, Alison (the very pale person on the right).
The Spring/Summer collection makes its debut at Faire Frou Frou later this June.

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