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Tuesday, May 15

Sexy Accessories!!!

London-based brand Madame V never ceases to impress us with their cheeky accessories!
It's rare for Faire Frou Frou to venture into fantasy accessories, but when it's done as cute and fun as Madame V does it, we couldn't resist!
For instance, the "Oriental Whip" is a hot seller in our boutique (and we won't name any names!)...we even sell a leather riding crop which has triggered quite a few interesting discussions in the store. Over Valentine's Day, our best selling gift was the Fantasy Lingerie Kit (shown with the pink feather outfit above)...we will continue to sell that item throughout the year along with a Mini Fantasy Box during the 2007 Holiday season.
We are pleased to note that all of the items shown here, and more, are available both in our Studio City boutique and online! So go ahead and have some fun!

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