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Monday, May 6

Life at Faire Frou Frou (According to Instagram)

all images via fairefroufrou on Instagram

We love that we have an opportunity to capture so many of the things that inspire us.  Over the past two weeks (or so) here is what's new and fabulous at Faire Frou Frou.  There's a lot of the Damaris Spring 2013 collection in there because it just looks so amazing...the purple and the bright orange/pink are definite eye-candy!  There's also the bright orange Marlies Dekkers Society bra that is stunning on every person who has tried it on.  Of course we had to share some of our garden rose photos because our backyard is filled with blooms of every color right now! 
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7 fabulous comments:

Panty Buns said...

I love the feminine colours of all the lingerie. The knickers with the big bows are obviously meant to be seen. It's all very pretty.

Sundal said...

I love your instagram roundups, they're such a feast for the eyes!

Rose said...

Bows look amazingly beautiful and colours are so suitable for summer. I'm loving them all.


BeFlame said...

Nice and eye catching colours!

Lisa said...

The colors are so vibrant and full of life! Just looking
at them makes me happy!

Phyllis M. Oliver said...

Lovely, cute lingeries!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Love the round up shots, it's all looking good, love me some hot colour and prettiness for summer!
Have a super weekend lovelies!