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Thursday, August 30

Homage to Sophia

lingerie, sophia loren, FGR

Fashion gone rogue, FGR, hanky panky, lingerie

Fashion Gone Rogue, FGR, lingerie

wolford, VPL, lingerie, Fashion gone rogue
Lena by Anna Palma in "Homage to Sophia" for FGR, styled by Lauren Austin Wood

It's been a while since we've seen an editorial filled with inspiring lingerie styling!  We're so pleased to share the latest FGR exclusive with you, which is an homage to iconic Italian vixen Sophia Loren.  Not much more than bedhead curls, Wolford thigh highs and a VPL bra come together to create this look.  The earthy tones and moody lighting contribute a wonderful effect as well! 

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8 fabulous comments:

Alicia said...

This is like the women of mad men but a hotter version! Loveeee!!!

Check out the outfits on my blog!


AVY said...

Oh wow, so sexy.



Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Just love everything about these photos! x

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

OH MY!! This is really gorgeous, they have captured her perfectly.

I have been so impressed with these FGR exclusives

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos! they make me want to wear suspenders. I love vintage style lingerie



K.Line said...

Awesome, sexy photography! Love this.

PartyMixTape said...

I bet my Hubby would love this! Wink wink! You always post such great suggestions & images!


lingerie said...

Too beautiful, too sexy !