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Monday, September 13

Milla Jovovich Shows Us How It's Done!

Photos by Guy Aroch, Styled by Haley Atkin. images via here

In a no-frills approach to lingerie as outerwear, Milla Jovovich does a knockout job working the latest intimate apparel trend.  In the September issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine (our favorite part of the Sunday paper), Milla rocks some American Apparel panties, Falke hosiery and a few key pieces of outerwear.  Again, we see hosiery as a feature component for a Fall 2010 look, so we highly suggest you stock up now (by the way, more styles being added to our shop in about a week).  Also, we are still seeing the high-waist panty...a wonderful trend we hope to see stick around for a while. 

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10 fabulous comments:

Melanie's Randomness said...

I always forget she was a model before an actress. She's beautiful & Omg these lingerie outerwear pieces are gorgeous!!!

Rachael said...

Love this editorial and she is so perfect for it. I'm with you on the high-waist panty too!

Ash Fox said...

love the high waist look on milla. she's great in every editorial she does.


Ash Fox said...

love the high waist look on milla. she's great in every editorial she does.


Hannah said...

love the coat in the first pic. she looks amazing

Bridget said...

shes pretty gorgeous.

elsabags said...

Love Milla! Love your blog! LOVE- LOVE- LOVE- your bubble chandelier DIY.

thanks for commenting on my blog.


Engra said...

WOOOW!! Milla is amazing!!
Great photo too!!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

SO stunning and adorable shot...

Milla Jovovich is immensly sexy,Beauty and feminine woman!


The Simply Luxurious Life said...

She looks amazing. She is such a unique beauty. I love the idea of being a subtle, yet a bit suggestive with lingerie outwear. Gorgeous.