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Thursday, May 1

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Jessie Wilcox Smith - "Sweet and Low"

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we have some terrific gift-buying suggestions for you!
Probably one of our most popular gifts so far has been the Sofia Robe (thanks to Daily Candy!). The prices range from $38 to $110, so there's something for every budget.
For an even more budget-friendly gift, we suggest the kai lotion or candle. Prices for kai products range from $22 to $45, and it's a fragrance that almost everyone loves! We suggest a kai product paired with a beautiful bouquet of peonies!
If you have a bit more to spend on mom, within the $150-$200 range, then we have some really cute tunics from Mimi Holliday, and the new arrivals from loungewear designer Dessous.
Now for those of you who really want to impress with a bigger budget item, every mom (or woman for that matter) appreciates jewelry! We suggest the new collection from Safia, which features multi-strand jewelry with semi-precious stone pendants. These necklaces range in price from $315 to $850, and is a great gift for a husband to buy for his wife!
Of course, you can always let mom find the perfect Faire Frou Frou item for herself with one of our gift certificates...

Though most of you have been doing this already, please mention 'Mother's Day' in the comments section of your online order, and we will provide a beautiful complimentary gift-wrap for your gift!

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