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Thursday, February 21

SommesChic is now available!

The SommesChic collection has finally arrived! We have posted on this new brand before, but just to refresh you, the SommesChic collection is designed specifically for ladies who have curves. For instance, the bras we have in stock start at size 34D and go through 34F and 38D. No more worrying about tiny straps digging into your shoulders. The bras offer style and support, as well as the brand's stretch silk camisoles. Actually, the camisoles and matching knickers can be worn by anyone size S-M-L, but it specifically flatters ladies who have a D-cup or larger. Of course, you can't ignore the adorable matching ruffle Knickers! They are so cute, and certainly flatter almost every bottom!
We are so pleased to offer this line in our boutique - it's a great combination of comfort, practicality and beauty!

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